Tim's Pharmacy & Gift Shop Team

Tim & Nancy

Tim graduated from the University of Washington School of Pharmacy in 1975 and worked for a chain store for 7 years before coming to Yelm. Nancy graduated from the University of Washington and has a degree in Sociology and Early Childhood Education. She taught third grade before coming to Yelm. They have four grown children: Andy, Ben, Stephanie & Emily, and a bunch of Grandchildren!

Nancy home schooled our four children through the eighth grade then started to work full time at the store. She does the bookkeeping, straw bossing, and is one of the buyers for our gift department. We have been very fortunate to work together and have our children work with us. It has been more like a family than a Pharmacy. We have been provided with time to watch our children, and now our grandchildren grow and be with them to partake in their activities. It has truly been a blessing.